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Hero On A Mission

Struggling to find purpose? Looking for meaning in your life? Worried about building your legacy?

Join us for this in person workshop! Our agenda includes:

-- Introduction to Hero On A Mission
-- Planning Session
-- A Life Plan
-- Goal Setting Worksheet
-- Daily Planner

March 24, 2021

Hero On A Mission

9:00 am - 1:00 pm
(lunch included)

1516 N. 5th Street
Suite 321
Philadelphia, PA

With John Politsky,  Founder at Byte Size Academy

Learn More From The Creator of Hero On A Mission, Donald Miller

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Live A Life Of Meaning

Hi, I’m John

Founder of Byte Size Academy

It is really hard to run a business.  Congrats on taking a few minutes just to get here and think about self care and living a life of purpose.  You made it this far which is half the battle.  We are offering this life changing workshop every month for people of all jobs and backgrounds.  We all deserve to live a life of meaning and purpose.  Join us. 

John Politsky is the founder of WeSpeak Easy Digital Marketing, Byte Size Digital, Meet Easy & The Byte Size Academy. John began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 when he started a DJ company. He is a serial entrepreneur and is also an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Community College of Philadelphia.
He is a business and marketing coach and is dedicated to helping small businesses grow and scale no matter their size. 


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